Best in Show at MABA Annual Honey Show (

 Honey shows are a challenge for me because my essential tremor makes it difficult to get a honey jar perfectly ready for presentation. So I rarely enter honey in honey shows any more, except for…
Posted on 19 September 2022 | 5:25 pm

Telling the Queen's Bees (

My friend, Mike, just sent me this link The world knows the Queen of England has died and now, in the old tradition, so do her bees.Here is a photo of just a small part of the article - be sure t…
Posted on 10 September 2022 | 7:11 pm

September Crossword Buzzle: Preparing for a Honey Show (

 In the fall, many bee clubs and organizations hold honey and wax shows. This month I did a crossword on getting ready to enter a honey and wax show. Here it is, if you'd like to try:…
Posted on 10 September 2022 | 5:01 am

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